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Aging Skin

Wrinkles, brown spots, red spots, textural changes and loss of skin elasticity are all associated with aging. These changes are the result of sun exposure, the aging process and genetic factors. At Teton Dermatology we offer a number of preventative and rejuvenating options for aging skin.

Prevention and “Prejuvination:” Sun protection, skin hydration, topical retinoids and topical vitamin and antioxidant treatments are the best defense against aging skin along with a healthy lifestyle. In addition, injectable neuromodualtors can aid in wrinkle prevention. Prejuvenation is the term used when neuromodulators are used to prevent rather than reverse wrinkles.

Rejuvenation: Topical lightening products (such as Kojic acid and hydroquinone), chemical peels and injectable neuromodulators and fillers can be effective in evening out skin tone and wrinkles.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT): PDT is a light based therapy used in combination with a topical cream called levulan. This combination effectively treats precancerous cells called actinic keratoses that create rough, red areas on the skin.

Dermatologist are specialty trained in skin care and skin rejuvenation. We are here to help you understand your antiaging options and to provide you with the most appropriate treatments based on your skin type and goals.

Call Teton Dermatology at 307-734-1800 to schedule an evaluation.

Call Teton Dermatology at 307-734-1800 to schedule an evaluation.