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Clear Nail Laser Treatment


Ellipse Nd:YAG laser treatment offers a reliable and effective treatment, without the risk of uncomfortable side effects. A series of laser light is aimed across the whole nail, including the skin immediately surrounding the nail. This heats up and destroys the fungus that is present. Because the fungus can spread from one nail to another, normally all ten nails are treated, even if nail fungus is visible on only one or two fingers or toes. Treatment of the whole ten nails normally takes only ten minutes. Following the treatment, you will see the area of new nail growth is clear. Since the nail grows slowly, this clear area may take 3-4 weeks to become apparent. A series of 6 weekly treatments followed by 4 monthly treatments. This treatment requires an appointment at Teton Dermatology. Please call us at 307-734-1800 to schedule your treatment appointment. Thank you, we look forward to seeing you in our office soon.

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